Debut of de Soul Patrol

灰髮蒼蒼 Taylor Hick 經已推出 Debut Single﹐當中收錄的包括他在 American Idol 決賽當晚演唱的 Do I Make You Proud 。看過了那麼多屆的 American Idol﹐但卻不曉得為何這位相貌不揚的老頭子的個人專輯反倒是我最期待的﹔也許是被他歌聲中那莫明的真誠所打動 。其實﹐長了一頭灰髮的 Taylor 只大我一歲﹐大家一樣三張還有得‘找回幾分’﹐但他就快沒得‘找’了﹗ 看來他的個人專輯應該還得等一段時日才能完成﹐所以﹐目前只能聽他的單曲解解渴 。

I’ve never been
The one to raise my hand
That was not me
And now that’s who I am
Because of you
I am standing tall

My heart is full
Of endless gratitude
You were the one
The one to guide me through
Now I can see
And I believe
It’s only just beginning

This is what we dreamed about
But the only question with me now
Do I make you proud
Stronger than I ever been now
Never be afraid to standing out
Do I make you proud

I guess I’ve learned
To question is to grow
That you still have faith
Is all I need to know
I’ve learned to love myself
Despite of me
And I’ve learned to walk
The road that I believe

Everybody needs to rise up
Everybody needs to be loved
To be loved



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