Test On Information Processing

It's time for me to write something in English again. Futhermore, I think it would rather easier for me to write in English for this topic. For you information, my coursemates and I are currently developing a psychological test on information processing, and hopefully we can finished de draft by Wednesday cause our lecturer wants us to carry a pilot test and present de result on Friday's class.

So, I will distributed a test to you on Wednesday, please forward it to your friends and send the result back ASAP, de latest by Thursday morning. I guess some of you have done some of de psychology test for my assignments last semester. But, tests that you did on last year are created by de professional psychologist; but, de one that you will be doing on Wednesday is create by me and 2 of my coursemates based on few psychological theories. Not so professional, but anyway, be prepared!

The assignments that I get for this semester can be considered less if compared to last semester. Last semester, I got about 15 assignments and projects, to be finished within 14 weeks. Quite tough, like Chinese always said, 'work until I forget about my surname'.

This semester, till now, I only get about 5 assignments:
1. test evaluation: I did EPI
2. test creation,
3. about adolescent at risk: my topic is 'pregnancy and risky sexual behavior',
4. about approaching death,
and finally a survey on
5. loneliness amongst the late adult.

That's why I can carry on with my freelance and still can squeeze out a little bit time to write de blog.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, I am quite interested about your assignment's topic "loneliness amongst the late adult".
Please post some article about that once when you finish your research, hehe.

3/06/2006 09:01:00 am  
Blogger Way said...

and you're...

3/06/2006 11:12:00 am  

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