Oops, You Have To Do It Again!

About de test that Intan, Elaine and I created that day, we thought that the theories aren't connected well and the bond between each question isn't tight enough. So, we are planning to create a new one. This was the second one since we've given the task. The first one is on 'self esteem' which already 'foetus died inside the tummy'; the second, the one that I send to you is about 'information processing'. And now, we are planning for the third one, maybe on parenting style.

So, some of you, I think most of you can escape from this one, since you're still 鑽石老姑婆 and 鑽石老姑公. Anyhow, if you knew any parents, and I think you should know a few, I need you to forward the test to them.

Anyway, we still haven't make up our mind whether we'll be doing 'parenting' or something else. In the mean time, just be prepared!

ps: Soli, mai inglis veli miskin, if u see any mistake, please 'many many wrap and suck'.



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