Never Ending Research

Just received a call from the dean that got me rejected not long ago, offering me a job as a research assistant on a project that held by MOH. Looks like I am not that sucks as I thought, still got little "hang-ch'ng", huh?! Anyway, I still haven't make up my mind, coz there're too many uncertainties that I have to clear up before I can really move on.

I would at least have to finish my thesis first, and it would most probably done somewhere in the middle of May if I manage to get people to be my "guinea". I went into the campus early this morning, looking for "guineasss", but, came back with only a packet of Taman Seroja's spicy mee goreng. Kasihan!

Tonight, I'm going to meet my ex-notssodirect-colleague. He himself, a long with few of his guinea-friends will be my subject. To be honest, research is not e-z, especially when we have to look for guineass ourself; and yet, someone is offering me a job as a research assistant?! How, huh?!!

PS: My mind got stucked while looking for a suitable title; so, I just change the soup without changing the medicine. God! English making me dumb!



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